Energy of Youth - Wisdom of Experience

If there is one saying that summarizes “The Amorphyx Way”, it might be, Energy of Youth - Wisdom of Experience.

We are a start-up. Our mission is bold. It takes a certain youthful perspective to believe success is possible, one that can be lost when faced with the failures experience often brings.

At the same time, we must stand on the shoulders of giants and always strive to not make familiar mistakes as we chart into unfamiliar territory.

We need the energy of youth and the wisdom of experience.

This is one of the reasons we like to pair experienced mentors with recent graduate hires (and even student employees). These partnerships create the right conditions for harnessing the energy of youth and the wisdom of experience. We have found great success in using industry mentors for outlining and tackling big problems, be they technical or time management and professional growth related.

As Amorphyx charts its paths for delivering new flat panel display or fan-out panel level packaging technology, maintaining the energy of youth, while gaining the wisdom of experience, will no doubt continue to be a theme we return to.

PerspectivesSean Muir