The Executive Team

John Brewer Headshot.png

John Brewer Jr.,

CEO/President, Founder

Before Amorphyx, John spent 25 years in wireless systems and wireless semiconductors for consumer electronics markets extending across the disciplines of engineering, product and strategic marketing, and executive management.

John’s engineering and marketing efforts contributed to the birth and growth of the WiFi (IEEE 802.11) and digital cellular (GSM and 3G) technologies and markets.

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Sean Muir Headshot.png

Sean Muir,

CTO, Founder

Sean obtained his PhD in Chemistry in 2012 from Oregon State University. Since graduating Sean has steadily worked to bring amorphous metal thin-film electronics to market.

Sean’s contributions helped develop Amorphous Metal Non-linear Resistor technologies for liquid crystal displays as well as two new transistor technologies; Amorphous Metal Hot-Electron Transistors and Amorphous Metal Thin-Film Transistors.

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Ron Van Orden Headshot.png

Ron Van Orden,

VP Operations

Prior to joining Amorphyx Ron spent 24 years in semiconductor manufacturing support, helping to solve complex electrical, mechanical and process engineering problems with the release of each new technology node.

As semiconductor manufacturing transitioned to offshore foundries, Ron’s work transitioned towards improving overall operational effectiveness for the manufacture of consumer, industrial and medical products.

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