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If you are interested in interviewing for Director of Research and Development, please send:

  1. Your resume.
  2. A cover letter describing why you feel you are well suited for the position.
  3. An example of technical writing for which you are the primary author.

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Sean Muir

Chief Technology Officer



As the Director of Research and Development at Amorphyx Corvallis, you are a key member of our development and customer support efforts. Your primary responsibility is day-to-day leadership of our device research program. Together with Corvallis Operations management, you guide activities in execution of the Company’s quarterly technology roadmap objectives.  Your team of technicians and engineers consists primarily of recent university graduates in Chemical, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, with BS, MS, and PhD levels of education. As we continue to leverage recent graduates, the relative inexperience of such a team puts a premium on your ability to be “hands on” in day-to-day management of that team, particularly emphasizing a “walk-the-lot” management style.

You are capable of innovating in real-time, and apply complex principles, theories and concepts, to solve problems encountered in material science and device physics. Having a strong working knowledge of both prior art and our own patented technologies, you can leverage the experience of fellow engineers and scientists, both within and external to Amorphyx, to advance the quality, performance and marketability of our products. Your background and capabilities make you an authoritative contributor in vetting the feasibility of a new trajectory or understand the prudence of continuing an established path.

Tenacity describes your approach to your work. You own your work, even if you are not the originator. You represent Amorphyx with the confident authority of an experienced and learned professional. Your coworkers and our customers adopt your confidence. They find the clarity and completeness of your communication refreshing and easy to understand.

Functionally, you are the boots-on-ground proxy for our CTO’s guiding hand on our work. By thoughtfully guiding our experimental design process, you assure that our activities are on-point, and deliver robust results.  With a key focus on statistical evaluation and statistical process control, your work provides surety that our results are quantitative, accurate, and defensible.

Amorphyx places a premium on maintaining and evolving a highly collaborative culture, from day-to-day execution to our long-term corporate strategies. Our goal is to build technology teams capable of hypothesis-to-analysis innovation on aggressive and continual cycles.  Collaboratively, you work with staff and management to define new projects, evaluate ongoing projects, assess completed projects, archive those projects and identify long and short-term goals. You inspire and challenge your juniors to raise the bar on their output while concurrently nurturing their ongoing professional growth.

Reports to: CTO

Classification:  Exempt


  • Execute and deliver on Amorphyx's quarterly technology roadmap objectives
  • Contribute to the development of quarterly technology roadmap priorities
  • Provide professional development leadership to the Corvallis technology staff as a team and individually
  • Provide technical leadership and pace for our Knowledge In Process (KIP) learning cycles
  • Lead the learning cycles, including capturing, archiving and assimilating our learnings


  • Develop relationships that contribute to a productive, results-oriented workplace
  • Provide innovative problem-solving approaches to enhance organizational capabilities
  • Develop technical documents for use in presentations to customers and potential customers
  • Propose and lead the execution of new project concepts
  • Provide technical expertise and serve as a resource to process and test engineers
  • Contribute to intellectual property development activities
  • Provide input about staff performance and staffing needs
  • Emphasize all safety procedures including proper use of all Personal Protective Equipment
  • Work independently and without direction on assigned tasks/projects
  • Understand the broad strategic objectives of the company and contribute to them
  • Good communication and team-working skills
  • Cooperative and willing to assist others
  • Demonstrate the ability to define problems, establish facts and draw valid conclusions
  • Ability to work well under pressure to meet tight timelines
  • Knowledge of thin film deposition techniques for electronic devices
  • Support and abide by all Amorphyx policies and best practices
  • Uphold company standards and quality initiatives
  • Perform all other duties assigned


  • A Master's degree or higher in an appropriate field, ten or more years of experience in a like position, or equivalent combination of education and experience are required.
  • Demonstrable skills addressing a significant number of the points contained in this position description
  • Have the ability and willingness to travel nationally and internationally as necessary.


  • Provide and maintain personal technology gear capable of utilizing Amorphyx’s cloud based applications for daily business activities.
  • Provide personal transportation (insured) for daily movement between the distributed local Amorphyx footprint sites.


    • Walking
    • Sitting, standing
    • Communicating in a moderate to loud environment
    • Ability to hear alarms and instructions
    • Repetitive use of both hands – grasping and fine dexterity
    • Reaching with hands and arms
    • Working near fumes and with chemicals
    • Working at computer


    • Climbing stairs
    • Push/pull with hands and arms
    • Stoop, kneel, crawl, and crouch
    • Using step stool                                      


    • Balancing
    • Working at heights above two feet
    • Lifting up and carrying to 25 lbs up to 100 ft


    Amorphyx is a casual work environment.  You are expected to maintain appropriate standards of grooming, personal hygiene, and dress during working hours, on Company property and when representing the Company at a remote location. No wearing apparel, personal grooming, or hygiene practices should distract others or create a safety hazard to you or your coworkers. Each employee shall observe all applicable federal or state safety and health laws pertaining to dress and grooming.

    To protect the health of all our employees, smoking is not permitted in Company buildings, facilities, or vehicles except in specially designated areas. Smoking is never permitted in areas where there is sensitive or hazardous material and in other places designated by the Company.

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