Process Technician

Thank you for your interest in a career at Amorphyx.

If you are interested in interviewing for Process Technician, please send:

  1. Your resume.

  2. Cover letter describing why you feel you are well suited for the position.

  3. An example of technical writing for which you are the primary author.

Candidates should send these items to:

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Sean Muir

Chief Technology Officer



As a Process Technician at Amorphyx, you are a key member of our development and customer support efforts. Consistency, reliability, repeatability, is the way your coworkers describe your work. You always follow the process instructions exactly, even when no one is looking, and you know why it is important. You also understand and appreciate the importance of completing run-logs and entering data into the system promptly, and prefer to do it real-time whenever possible.

Diligence describes your approach to your work. You own your work, even if you are not the originator. You confidently let your actions demonstrate your value to the organization. Your coworkers can rely and count on you. They also find the clarity and completeness of your communication refreshing and easy to understand.

Collaboratively, you work with staff and management to execute new projects. You understand that science and discovery may not work on a fixed schedule and you do not let last minute changes bother you.  Result oriented is the impression you leave with others. Also eager for professional growth, you are willing to put forth the necessary effort in the learning that will make it happen.

You have reliable transportation that allows you to move about Amorphyx’s distributed footprint as needed without restriction.

Reports to: VP Operations

Classification:  Nonexempt


Key Responsibilities

  • Develop working relationships that contribute to a productive, results-oriented climate.

  • Maintain a detailed and well organized lab notebook of your activities.

  • Contribute to problem solving activities pertaining to tool operation and repeatability.

  • Assure run logs and data entry are always completed promptly.

  • Follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) explicitly.

  • Perform preventive maintenance and calibration tasks.

  • Provide feedback on improvements to work activities.

  • Learn to “know” the equipment you operate.

  • Understand and apply the scientific method.

  • Quality and Safety conscious.

  • Assure non-conforming activities are stopped and corrected.

  • Vet other people’s work. Recognize exposures and errors.

  • Lead / perform special projects.

  • Understand Team Goals and Targets.

  • Follow all safety procedures including proper use of all Personal Protective Equipment.

  • Audit Processes.

  • Monitor consumables availability.

Requirements/Essential (Need)

  • Work independently and without direction on assigned tasks/projects.

  • Demonstrate good time management skill and self-management behavior.

  • Apply sound judgment in the operation, care and maintenance of process and sensitive test and measurement equipment.

  • Understand the broad strategic objectives of the company and contribute to them.

  • Able to quickly read, analyze and interpret supplied documentation.

  • Able to understand and follow technical directions.

  • Use advanced mathematics.

  • Hands-on attitude.

  • Adept at cloud based applications.

  • Good communication and team-working skills.

  • Cooperative and willing to assist others.

  • Demonstrate the ability to understand problems, establish facts and draw valid conclusions.

  • Ability to work well under pressure to meet tight timelines.

  • Knowledge of manufacturing processes.

  • Attentive to detail and accurate.

  • Support and abide by all Amorphyx policies and best practices.

  • Uphold company standards and quality initiatives.

  • Perform all other duties as assigned.


  • An Associate’s degree or higher in an appropriate field, three or more years of experience in a similar position, or equivalent combination of education and experience are required.

  • Possess an understanding of automated and semi-automated process tooling, ideally, as it pertains to thin-film electronic devices, sensors, and fabrication.

  • Able and willing to work alternate shifts and overtime as needed.

  • Demonstrable skills addressing a significant number of the points contained in this position description.

  • Able to pass random drug testing.

Business Use of Personal Property

  • Provide and maintain personal technology gear capable of utilizing Amorphyx’s cloud based applications for daily business activities.

  • Provide personal transportation (insured) for daily movement between the distributed local Amorphyx footprint sites.

Physical Requirements 
Constant (up to 2/3 of the time):

  • Walking

  • Sitting, standing

  • Communicating in a moderate to loud environment

  • Ability to hear alarms and instructions

  • Repetitive use of both hands – grasping and fine dexterity

  • Reaching with hands and arms

  • Working near fumes and with chemicals

  • Working at computer

Physical Requirements
Infrequent (up to 1/3 of the time):

  • Climbing stairs

  • Push/pull with hands and arms

  • Stoop, kneel, crawl, and crouch

  • Using step stool

Physical Requirements 
Infrequent (Seldom):

  • Balancing

  • Working at heights above two feet

  • Lifting up and carrying to 25 lbs up to 100 ft

Work Environment: Appearance, Dress, Hygiene, and Smoking

Amorphyx is a casual work environment.  You are expected to maintain appropriate standards of grooming, personal hygiene, and dress during working hours, on Company property and when representing the Company at a remote location. No wearing apparel, personal grooming, or hygiene practices should distract others or create a safety hazard to you or your coworkers. Each employee shall observe all applicable federal or state safety and health laws pertaining to dress and grooming.

To protect the health of all our employees, smoking is not permitted in Company buildings, facilities, or vehicles except in specially designated areas. Smoking is never permitted in areas where there is sensitive or hazardous material and in other places designated by the Company.


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