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Our Technology

We are using amorphous metals to create a new generation of quantum tunneling electronics.


Amorphous metals are Extremely smooth

Amorphous metals can be as smooth as glass.  Amorphous metal surfaces are much smoother than typical crystalline metals because their atomic structure is much more randomized.  Smooth surfaces enable amorphous metal electrodes to have very uniform electric field control.  


Amorphous metals are strong and flexible

Amorphous metals can be as strong as steel and as flexible as plastic.  Similar to their smooth surfaces, amorphous metal strength and flexibility comes from random ordering at the atomic level.  Strength and flexibility enable amorphous metal electrodes to integrate with many product forms.


Amorphous metals enable FLEXIBLE quantum tunneling electronics

Many large area and flexible electronics today rely on semiconductor based transistors and are difficult to make.  Amorphous metal quantum tunneling electronics have no semiconductors, relaxed design rules, and fundamentally faster conduction.

The Market

We are leveraging amorphous metal quantum tunneling electronics to solve problems related to Flat Panel Displays, Sensors, and IoT.

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FLAT panel displays are the foundation

We are actively applying our technology to address the needs of the large area liquid crystal display market.  Our Dual Select Amorphous Metal Non-linear Resistor backplanes ease manufacturing while improving switching speed.

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flexible SENSOR arrays Build on our base

Low-cost high-performance sensors enable interactive electronics that improve our lives.  The core knowledge that has allowed us to innovate in the display industry is being applied to the development of new amorphous metal thin-film based sensors.

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Interactive and connected technology is the future

By leveraging amorphous metal transistors, diodes, resistors, and capacitors we can further integrate displays, sensors, and wireless communications.  Bringing new functions to products we love through low-cost flexible electronics


Our Team

Amorphyx is an innovative team of business leaders, scientists, engineers, and technicians.

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