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Our Technology

We are using amorphous metals to create a new generation of high-speed flexible electronics.


Amorphous metals are Extremely smooth

Ultra-smooth surfaces enable amorphous metal electrodes to have very uniform electric-field control.

Superior electric-field control enables high-speed quantum tunneling electronics and improves thin-film transistor performance.


Amorphous metals are strong and flexible

Amorphous metals can be as strong as steel and as flexible as plastic due to their randomized atomic order.

Strength and flexibility make amorphous metal electrodes a reliable choice for flexible electronics applications.

The Market

We are developing amorphous metal technology for displays and flexible electronics applications.

Photo by Maor Winetrob/iStock / Getty Images

FLAT panel displays are the foundation

Amorphous metal electronics have many different flat panel display applications (LCD, OLED, EPD, etc.)


Amorphous metal electronics enable a future of high performance displays, sensors, and drivers on flexible substrates.


Our Team

Innovative, tenacious, diverse, committed, focused, knowledgeable, experienced.

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