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 A Brief History of Amorphyx

Amorphyx founded

OCT. 10, 2012

Amorphyx was born from interdisciplinary research between Prof. John Wager and Prof. Doug Keszler on amorphous metals and quantum tunneling electronics at Oregon State University.

Amorphyx was founded by John Brewer, an Oregon Nano and Micro Technologies (ONAMI) Entreprenuer in Residence, along with E. William Cowell III and Sean Muir, OSU Ph.D. candidates, to commercialize the amorphous metal non-linear resistor (AMNR) device that Cowell developed while completing his Ph.D. thesis with Prof. Wager. Muir became involved in these efforts through collaborations with Cowell to characterize the low temperature properties of amorphous metals.

Amorphyx secures start-up funding


Throughout 2013-2014 Amorphyx secured approx. $0.7M USD strating funds by submitting successful project proposals to univestity and governmnet funding agencies such as Oregon State University Venture Development Funds, Oregon Nano and Microtechnologies Institute, and the National Science Foundation Small Business Innovative Research program.

The focus of these projects was on developing AMNR devices for liquid crystal display (LCD) applications.

Amorphyx wins NSF SBIR Phase II Award


During 2014 Amorphyx successfully applied for a follow on NSF SBIR Phase II award totaling approx. $1M USD from 2015-2017. The project was entitled for "Amorphous Metal Non-linear Resistor Applications for Liquid Crystal Displays" and laid the foundation for developing the world's first full color LCD controlled by a quantum tunnleing device, i.e. the AMNR-LCD.

Amorphyx's AMNR-LCD Backplane Technology Featured in Research Collaboration with BOE at Display Week 2018

MAY 23, 2018

Amorphyx displayed the world's first LCD controlled by a quantum tunneling based device at the 2018 Society for Information Display conference, Display Week. The AMNR-LCD prototypes were on display in the Display Week I-Zone.

The AMNR-LCD prototypes were fabricated jointly by Amorphyx and BOE, the world's largest LCD manufacturer. A press release can be found here.