Amorphyx’ pioneering display technology radically simplifies the most complicated and costly portion of the production process; ultimately shrinking environmental footprint and slashing production costs so manufacturers can finally achieve profits. More than that, Amorphyx’ technology offers consumers a heightened visual experience and provides inherently flexible properties needed to drive future innovations. Amorphyx’ technology is the solution display manufacturers have been seeking.

An Introduction to TFTs and Their Challenges

The thin film transistor (TFT) is the foundation on which the liquid crystal display (LCD) industry has been built over the last 20 years. TFTs are semiconductor-based devices manufactured directly on one of two glass panels that make up an LCD display. They act as dimmer switches that adjust the brightness of each pixel in a display by controlling the liquid crystals through which the display’s backlighting passes. (Click here to see more about how LCD displays work).

In flat-panel LCDs, TFTs are made by depositing vaporous metals and semiconductors, one on top the other, creating a stack of layers on a large piece of glass. State of the art amorphous TFTs presently struggle with consistent performance and long-term stability.  Additionally, all semiconductor TFTs have significant sensitivity to both light and temperature.

This means the performance of these transistors which control the brightness, color accuracy and picture quality of your expensive 55-inch HDTV, or your ultra-high-resolution tablet, must have complex systemic engineering solutions to control the impact of backlight and ambient light effects as well as temperature effects.  These solutions add significant cost to the manufacturing of display products.

How Amorphyx AMNRs Improve Displays

Amorphyx has developed an alternative to the TFT: the amorphous metal nonlinear resistor (AMNR). Instead of relying on semiconductor materials, the Amorphyx AMNR combines metals and insulating materials to create a dimmer switch with no semiconductor content. Why does that matter? The Amorphyx AMNR is a fundamentally simpler device than any form of TFT.

Amorphyx AMNRs…

·         Make it dramatically easier and cheaper to manufacture displays.

·         Boost production efficiency and lessen environmental impact.

·         Allow manufacturers to preserve production equipment investments.

·         Produce better picture quality and heightened visual experience for consumers relative to amorphous silicon TFT-based LCDs.

·         Provide flexible properties ideal for flexible displays and roll-to-roll manufacturing.

·         Support higher refresh rates for 3D TV

·         Improve screen blackness as well as color and brightness uniformity