Display Market Overview

An Overview of Today’s Display Market

While the future of the display market is in exploring flexible properties, flat panel displays will remain the dominant product in this industry for years to come. Flexible displays have many advantages over flat panel displays, but still require significant investments in R&D before reaching mass consumer usage. However, both flat panel and flexible displays will benefit from the use of Amorphyx’ AMNR technology.

Display Market Growth

The flat panel display industry exceeded $100B in revenues in 2007. Revenues have since decreased due to the recession, but are expected to keep stable growth through 2016 as seen below.

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Display Market Segmentation

The market includes mainly four segments where:

·         TVs represent the main industry segment with over 40% stake, followed by desktop monitors with 14% and notebook PCs and mobile phones at 11% each, as of 2010.

·         The TV segment comes primarily from the production of 32-56” flat-panel LCD-based displays, each having about 2 million pixels (1080p).  Notebook PCs and desktop monitors range from about 750 thousand pixels (720p) up to 1080p.

·         Tablets are expected to merge with smartphones in creating a new high-end segment for displays: ultra-high-resolution, touch-sensitive, and high-brightness displays. This new segment challenges existing backplane technologies on all fronts:  cost, yield and performance.

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Global Market Share

Geographically, the global market is divided to five main areas comprising 98% of total sales.

At the top of the market distribution are Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) with 30% market share, followed by fast-growing China with 22% share and the US with 18% share.

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Display Manufacturing Market Share

Today, there are only a handful of companies that mass produce displays, and they are located in South East Asia, with 50% in South Korea. 90% of the market is held by five companies. The leading display manufacturer is LG with 27% market share followed by Samsung with 23% (both in Korea), Chimei Innolux (CMO) with 20%, AU Optronics (AUO) with 16% (both from Taiwan) and Chinese BOE with 5%.

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